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Google Slides Slider in Google Sites Classic

Google Sites Slider - Easier than it looks.

What you will need
  • Template - 960x400 Seowebpower Google Slides Slider Template
  • Widget - Morri's Code Wrapper
  • CSS Fix - Slider Embed Border Fix
Step 1
  1. Download Template Image Here
  2. Create a Google Slides Presentation in Google Drive
  3. Insert > Image > Template Image Downloaded
  4. Add Content (Make sure images align to crop marks)
  5. Once Done - File > Publish to the web > Start Publishing > (pop up window) OK > 
  6. Presentation Size: Custom (962x570) and Set Speed
  7. Open New Window (Leave Current Open)
Step 2
  1. Go to Widget Site - Google Sites Slider for Google Sites Classic
  2. Insert > More Gadgets > Add Gadget by URL > Paste Google Sites Slider for Google Sites Classic URL
  3. Get embed code from Google Slides - File > Publish to the web select embed tab
    (only the URL is needed https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/DOCUMENTIDENTIFACTIONNUMBER no /embed or /pub needed.)
  4. Set Width to 960 pixels and height 400 pixels, uncheck boxes below and Click OK
  5. Save the Google Sites Page
  6. Done
Having problems? Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial


With Gadget

iFrame without Gadget
The gadget spec URL could not be found

Last Revised 06/12/17